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R11 Frameset Review 2022

R11 Frameset Review 2022

Hi, my name is Pablo Cruz, rider of Yoeleo TT p/b 4MIND, this is my second year with the team as well as riding Yoeleo bikes. I will be talking about the R11 in this post.

As a professional cyclist, having a well-rounded bike that responds to all of the demands that it takes to race at a high level is very important. Today I will like to talk about the R11, which is the bike that I have ridden the most. At the beginning of the season, we as team riders had the option to choose one model from the different Yoeleo road bikes, R11, R12 and R21. I decided to go for the R11, which is their lightest frame, considered to be a climbing bike weighing only 850g for a size 54. I won’t lie, I was a little afraid that the bikes was not going to be as stiff, and most likely was not going to corner well from how light it was. Although when I got the bike and set it up, it looked very aerodynamic because all of the cables were internally routed in the frame, stem and bars giving it a clean look.

All right! Now let's get into the performance aspect!  As we all know in the US there is a lot of criterium racing, so having stiff bike that corners well is key to success. I’m not a sprinter by any means but in the regional criterium races I tend to do well. The Yoeleo R11 did not disappoint. Taking corners, I was able to control the bike with confidence, and also coming out of sharp turns where you have to accelerate the R11 was very responsive. But I also think that part of this feeling is linked to the tire clearance the frame has. You can go up to 32mm tire width, although I run 28mm most of the time. On the other side, I also did a couple of UCI stage races over in Europe where we as a team got to put the Yoeleo bikes to the test. We competed against some of the biggest cycling teams in the world. It was a variety of long and flat stages, and also some iconic mountain top finish races where we climbed for more than an hour in some cases. Racing at that level where every watt counts, it is very important to have a bike that you know that will be efficient and won’t make you waste unnecessary energy and will feel insecure at high speeds. Thank you everyone for reading, I will be back talking about my T21 which is one of the time trial models from Yoeleo, another great bike I have good things to say about.


Pablo Cruz

Yoeleo Test Team p/b 4MIND rider

Fort Worth, Texas, USA 



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