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Wheels: STD vs SL vs PRO

Wheels: STD vs SL vs PRO

When looking at different builds for our Yoeleo Carbon wheels, you have certainly come across the denominations Standard, SuperLight and Professional.

By having three different builds, we greatly simplify the selection process for your dream wheel build. Beyond the three options representing three different price points, they are optimized for different conditions.


Standard = Built for no frills speed with proven Novatec hubs. Best value!

SuperLight = Built for the lowest total weight of the wheel. Best climbing wheel!

Professional = Built with the highest durability, easiest service and highest angles of engagement. Best all-round wheel as used by Yoeleo Test Team p/b 4MIND UCI Continental team!

Rim Brake

STD wheels are built with Novatec hubs 291-sl/482-sl hubs and 2 types of J bent spokes for your selection, be it Pillar 1432 or Sapim cx ray spokes.

SL wheels are built with Yoeleo SL-PRO hubs (ceramic bearings hubs) and J bent Sapim cx ray spokes

PRO wheels are built with top brand DT Swiss 350 or upgrade to DT Swiss 240S hubs (Straight Pull) and straight pull Sapim cx ray spokes. 

Disc Brake

Summing it up:

Want to chat with any rider of the Yoeleo Test Team p/b 4MIND about what wheelset is best for your weekend ride or next big ''A'' race? We are available through chat 24 hours a day!

William Goodfellow

Yoeleo Test Team p/b 4MIND rider

Montreal, Quebec, Canada




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