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YOELEO SAT Technology Explained

YOELEO SAT Technology Explained

SAT Technology is the term for our Easy Turnkey Tubeless-Clincher setup

The tubeless tire mounting system is slowly becoming the go to option for road cycling, even if it has been the go to option for all off road disciplines for a while now.

SAT technology is a fine carbon layer added in the rim bed which allows you to bypass the purchase and install of a tubeless or clincher rim strip. SAT Technology also improves the continuous weave of 1K carbon in the design of the wheel. This Yoeleo feature cuts down on the time needed for tubeless tire install and the messiness involved. The result is a lighter wheel which requires shorter spokes needed to lace the wheel (increased stiffness). SAT Technology also greatly improves the overall stiffness of the wheel by nearly 30%.


Why are we going toward tubeless across all disciplines:

-Lower rolling resistance

-Greater resistance to flats because of no risk of pinching the tube and the tire seals itself of small cuts.

-The quality of sealants has greatly improved.

-The standard of rim and tire diameter in road has greatly improved in the last 3 years. This standardisation allows for a seamless fit.

-The tires are becoming easier to mount.

- YOELEO SAT Technology allows a quick conversion.

-Rims widths are coming in wider options for ROAD-CX-Gravel permitting tire pressures as low as 20psi for off-road contexts.

-The availability of tubeless tire options from tire manufacturers is augmented. Generally, cyclists are riding wider tires for road applications for greater comfort and performance.

Why our Yoeleo TEST Team pb 4MIND professional team is going toward tubeless and loves SAT:

-We can run lower tire pressures for wet conditions. We start at 80psi in all conditions and work up-down from there.

-Marginal gains in terms of rolling resistance are a plus.

-We can swap tires faster and without the usual mess.

-We love the additional stiffness that it gives the wheel as a whole.

-Better comfort which translates to better performance in long races.


Tips and tricks:

-To mount tubeless we suggest a tubeless specific pump or an air compressor set to cap at 85psi output. In fact, higher pressures can delaminate a rim and void warranty.

-Carefully select your tubeless valve. It is very important that the seal around the valve is adapted to the Yoeleo rim profile.

-Make sure that your tire is spec'd tubeless.

-When training always carry a tube in case a tire is too damaged for the sealant to do its job.

-Select a high quality sealant, use enough sealant and replace sealant every 3 months.

-Select a rim width that is closest to your default tire choice.

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NOTE: We did not cover tubular tire rim options, but these are still available at Yoeleo Canada and recommended for applications where a perfect road surface allows high pressures (+140psi) such as Velodrome racing. 

Alexandre Latil
Yoeleo Test Team Rider
Paris, France



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