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Yoeleo Test Team Europe Tour Period 1

Yoeleo Test Team Europe Tour Period 1

Looking back on a very successful initial racing block in Europe is very easy when we have incredible results to report of.

To review our period 1 European events.

Valencia Training Camp and Team Photoshoot (SPA) February 23-March 03

2022 finally allowed for the team to get together and put in some structured training to prepare for period 1. Bugarra Spain (Valencia) served as the backdrop for some structured training and long hours in the saddle. Training camp is a great chance to get some photos of equipment, new riders and learn a bit about the skillset of each rider. We were hit with an initial cold spout which swept Europe and had some challenging cold days on the bike, but were be able to come through as a team to put together a solid 25hrs+ on the bike for the week. Team training camps are the perfect time to build a culture of high performance and elevate each-other (bring the most out of each-other).

Lillers UCI 1.2 (Lillers, FRA) March 6

South Aegan Tour UCI 2.2 (Greece) March 12-13

Rhodes Grand Prix UCI 1.2 (Greece) March 20

Rhodes Circuit (Greece) March 23

Nicolas claims second in a field sprint which capped off a fast criterium with castles in the scenic background.

Rhodes Tour 2.2 (Greece) March 24-27

Toby proves to be a major General Classification threat for the team and consistently backs up his fitness with smart racing. After 4 days of hard racing, he takes 6th in GC.



Yoeleo C50 wheels allowed us to be competitive in early season races which were incredibly windy and technical. Europe is famous for the amount of road furniture which makes for many accelerations in the peloton. Yoeleo C50 U-rim profile allows a good level of stability in cross winds for good handling. Wheels were very predictable in technical descents, tumultuous field sprints and allowed our riders to mount tubeless to run low pressures. Heck, the C50 felt stiff to our tall 80kg power sprinter Nicolas. Sounds like some fast wheels to us!

Follow us in Period 2 America Tour!

Mark Cumberbatch

Little Rock, AR, USA

Head Directeur Sportif

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