Welcome to YOELEO Canada! FREE SHIPPING (orders above 100$CAD), prices in $CAD. Legendary UCI Carbon Technology with local service from Montreal. Yoeleo celebrates 16 years of quality! Home of the original quality Chinese Wheelset. Check out our Custom Paint Program #BeYourself!

NEW Yoeleo Ceramic Bearing Upgrade

NEW Yoeleo Ceramic Bearing Upgrade

Yoeleo now offers Ceramic bearings pre-installed on new wheel orders or shipped individually! If you do not want to visit the bearing shop on your own time, you can get them pre-installed and avoid wasting time! Yoeleo Ceramic Bearings are made of Silicon Carbide (SiC) balls paired with durable, non-contact rubber seals. Worn out or contaminated wheel bearings increase friction and reduce performance. Riding with ceramic Bearings will give you added confidence, knowing that your bike is not slowing you down. Ceramic bearings are also a great way to increase performance whether you are on or off-road. Your wheel bearings are hard at work when you are moving, whether you are pedaling or not! Our high-quality ceramic bearings can provide you with maximal wheel performance over many years.
• Speed: Hardened steel bearing races and ceramic balls are the gold standard for bicycle wheel bearings
• Lifetime: More durable than high quality steel bearings

    Clément Maertens

    Yoeleo Test Team pb 4MIND rider


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