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Yoeleo Cyclocross Build 2022

Yoeleo Cyclocross Build 2022

Frameset: Yoeleo G2
Wheelset: Yoeleo C35-35 DB PRO with Tannus Amour foam liners and 700X33 tubeless tires
Typical pressure range: 20-25psi
Handlebar: Yoeleo H9V2 44X90
Components: SRAM RIVAL ETAP with 160-160 front/rear disc and 40X10-33 gearing.

The Yoeleo G2 with it's road aggressive geometry paired + extra clearance is the perfect weapon for our riders extending their season with some cyclocross racing. Yoeleo have really outdone themselves with this frameset, being that it is just compliant enough to not bounce you around too much, but still perfectly stiff enough for multiple accelerations as needed in a CX race.


Our riders are using the same size as their road frames, but with shorter stems such as a 90cm. This allows for a more upright position therefore protecting front wheel traction in loose corners. Furthermore, the Yoeleo handlebar is also run quite wide for maximum stability (44cm).

The frame design evacuates mud very well and is definitely featherweight for a cyclocross frameset.

In terms of the all important wheelset, riders prefer the 35mm profile for getting up to speed in record time out of every corner. A medium profile rim also collects less mud than a deeper dish wheel avoiding on course weight gain. SAT technology makes the Yoeleo wheels very easy to setup tubeless with as little as a quality tubeless valves and some sealant. For extra low pressures, many riders decide to run the Tannus Armour liners that pair perfectly with the Yoeleo rim shape. We have seen Yoeleo rims handle as low as 20psi without burping even in our heavier riders. 160-160 front rear rotors allow maximal breaking power without ever throwing weight too far forward on the bike. Yoeleo has also upgraded the pro hub to 52T which is very helpful under less than optimal traction conditions.

Cyclocross equipment has so many personal preferences in terms of different rider styles on different types of courses. If you ever are wondering how you can setup your ride for cyclocross season, drop us a line and we will guide you through our pro shop.

All round, the Yoeleo G2 is an incredibly high end cyclocross bike at an affordable price. Yoeleo also stands by all of its products with a 3 year warranty which we now is important when we think of how rough cyclocross can be on equipment.


Dominic Hamelin

Director Yoeleo Test Team

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