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H11 + ST1 Aero Carbon Handlebar
H11 + ST1 Aero Carbon Handlebar
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Load image into Gallery viewer, H11 + ST1 Aero Carbon Handlebar

H11 + ST1 Aero Carbon Handlebar

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Handlebar Width

Stem Length

H11 Drop Handlebar

Handlebar Type:  Road Bike Handlebar

Handlebar Material: 100% Carbon Fiber T700

Finish:  UD Matt

Decal: Black Glossy

Handlebar Size: 380/400/420/440mm

Reach: 64mm 

Drop: 126mm

Bar Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm

Cable Type: Inner Cable / Outer Cable

Weight: 240+/-15g

Standard: ISO4210

Warranty: 6 Years


ST1 Stem

Material: 100% Carbon Fiber T700

Finish:  UD Matt

Decal: Black Glossy

Size: 90/100/110/120mm

Angle: ±10°

Bar Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm

Steering Tube Diameter: 28.6mm

Stack height: 30mm

Weight: 140+/-15g

Standard: ISO4210

Warranty: 6 Years


Featuring Yoeleo ProRoute System

Introducing the Yoeleo ProRoute System:

Experience the peak of innovation and performance with the Yoeleo ProRoute System - crafted with care to meet the diverse needs of modern cyclists. We strive to redefine cycling experience by fusing cutting-edge technology with an unwavering commitment to quality and design. The ProRoute System is the embodiment of this pursuit, offering exceptional adaptability and aesthetics.

Unrivaled Adaptability:

Unrivaled Adaptability: The ProRoute Stem System introduces dual mounting solution for internal cable routing, catering to both the complete internal cable routing (Y-ICR) and the semi-internal cable routing (S-YICR) with sleek, removable spacers. This design ensures hassle-free installation.

Semi internal Cable routing

1 Fit all , more options

Length Variety for the Extraordinary:

Available in a range of lengths from 90 to 120 mm with a -10 degree angle, the ProRoute Stem empowers cyclists to find their ideal riding position. This customization enhances both comfort and performance, allowing you to ride with confidence and control.

Aesthetic Excellence:

Aesthetic Excellence: The ProRoute Stem System is available in the sophisticated POB (Polish on Black) finish, adding a touch of elegance and refinement to your bike's appearance. This sleek design is a testament to our commitment to blending form and function, creating a stem system that is as visually stunning as it is technologically advanced.

ST1 Carbon Stem

Elevate your cycling experience with the Yoeleo ProRoute System and embrace the future of performance, adaptability, and design. Let Yoeleo propel you forward as you conquer the roads and trails, pushing the limits of what is possible on two wheels.


4Mindproject is a UCI continental cycling team who attend various UCI races throughout the year. R12 is our team machine.


Durlable, Afforable, Quality handlebar We offer 6years quality warranty.


We hope you don't need this but if you have a crash, we offer a 30% crash replacement discount on all handlebars and spares. Please contact us and we’ll do our very best to help you and ride again ASAP.

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